The "Management and Business Administration. Central Europe" (from 1993 to 2011 as "Master of Business Administration", to 2012 as bimonthly)  quarterly is a national scientific periodical about management in public and private sector institutions published in English. "MBA.CE"  is used to publish research results and theoretical analyses and reviews. The periodical is a dialogue platform for scientists and practicians.
  "MBA. CE" is published open access online.
The main version of  the "MBA. CE" is the online version.
From 2015 "MBA.CE" is published in English only.

Our goal is facilitating:

  • better understanding of the essence of management 
  • research cooperation within academic community 
  • knowledge transfer to the world of practice 

...and thus having a positive influence on the world of management sciences. 

"MBA. CE" includes articles regarding the following fields: human resource management, theory of organization, strategic management, corporate order, managerial economy, accounting and finance. The articles can be based in such disciplines as economy, psychology, sociology or law. They can have a theoretical or empirical character.
Theoretical articles should be presenting new ideas and research approaches within management sciences. On the other hand, empirical articles should be anchored in the theory and carefully prepared methodologically. All research methods - quantitative, qualitative and joined - are accepted for publication. We encourage joining theoretical and empirical elements in articles, providing, that those will have the highest value for the potential reader.